Green Cleaning – Skoy Cloths are being discovered at the International Housewares Show in Chicago March 2011

ENCINITAS, CA, March 02, 2011 /EIN Presswire/ — Chosen for both the Going Green Display and the New Products Showcase.

Buyers are turning more and more to innovative green products as the environmental trend continues. With new products that are no longer boring and too earthy, buyers are looking for fun colors and unique designs to keep their buying stylish and modern. Skoy Enterprises has found a way to impress with their Skoy Cloth which was chosen for the Going Green Display and is also being shown at the New Product Showcase at the IHA 2011. Visit Skoy Enterprises Booth #S2283.

“We are excited to be exhibiting at one of the largest housewares shows in the world and to have our product recognized as an environmental addition to the Kitchen Cleaning industry, ” said Karen Petersen, one of the owners of Skoy Enterprises.

The cloths are 100% biodegradable, chlorine free, machine washable and can last for weeks if not months depending on use. Skoy Cloths come in a variety of colors and designs using water-based inks and dyes. When these reusable cloths reach the end of their lives, they can be composted for a no waste solution. One Skoy can replace 15 rolls of paper towel. Each year 2.5 million tons of paper towels are being used and cluttering America’s landfills. The cloth can absorb 15 times its own weight and owe their absorbency and durability to a combination of natural cotton and wood-pulp cellulose. They are most effective for use on hard surfaces; they do double duty by absorbing liquids as well as washing and streak free cleaning. Skoy cloth can be used in place of paper towels, synthetic sponges, rags, wash cloths etc. and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, boat, RV and office. Other uses can include cleaning up pet messes, dusting, golf club cleaning, auto cleaning, camping and more.

The Skoy cloths are packaged in an eye-catching recycled cardboard band, and have a suggested retail price of $6.99+ for a 4-pack or $4.49+for the new upscale 2-pack, which places them at an attractive price point for a designer cloth. Skoy Cloths are available online at, Amazon and other small retailers across the nation.