Skoy Rail

  •  Magnetic  •
  •  Attaches to most sinks  •
  •  No tools required  •
  •  Stainless steel – Sleek design  •
  •  Allows for easy cleaning  •
  •  Great storage solution  •


The Skoy Magnetic Sink Rail is a stylish stainless steel rail which adds appeal to any kitchen sink. Unlike most sink rails with suction cups that harbor bacteria and turn black, the Skoy Sink Rail is magnetic and allows for easy cleaning. The Skoy Magnetic Sink Rail which is made in Denmark has a sleek design and is the perfect dwelling for your dishcloth so it dries fast and is visually pleasing. It attaches easily to most sinks using two strong, under sink magnets, eliminating the need for screws or other hardware.

The perfect dwelling for your Skoy Cloth!


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Skoy Rail installation

Installation Instructions:

The Skoy Rail is easily installed using the included magnets. You need to be able to access the underneath of  the sink. Simply hold the Skoy Rail inside the sink where you want it and then reach underneath the sink and attach magnets. (The undersink magnets are very strong so be sure to move your fingers out to the way when they snap into place.)  Once you have the sink rail installed where you want it, put the tape/sticker (also included) over the magnets underneath the sink. This is important so that you can remove and re-attach the sink rail without the magnets falling off. If needed you can use stonger tape, e.g., duct tape, if your sink has a rough underneath surface.

It is important to put the tape/stickers over the undersink magnets to hold them in place when the Skoy Rail is removed for cleaning.

Skoy Rail


Hang your Skoy Cloth or Skoy Scrub on the Skoy Rail. This serves multiple purposes:

  • Your Skoy Cloth or Skoy Scrub will dry fast, which minimizes bacteria growth.
  • You always know where Skoy Cloth or Skoy Scrub are.
  • It looks nice!


Take it off once in a while and rinse..